My Erational Soul

My erational soul I’m dying of hunger Tasting the pain that melts away My patience and I can see; on my soul and body An excruciating strain A mask which dictates my yesterday I found myself wounded in the fields Shivering and stuttering Finding a home and some hay For my hungry erational soul   … Continue reading My Erational Soul


In the night…

In the night When everyone goes blind I rewind things on my mind Diving into the divine depth of thoughts Battling and fighting with my faults Holding a hope of rising above all In the night When thoughts paralyze I analyze With a spark underneath my eyes Hoping to know the secrets Beneath! Before the … Continue reading In the night…


I used to play without fear Made bubbles out of soap and heard they disappear Always a candid, away from the crowds I was a cool kid before jumping into doubts...   It was glitter, a fancy door Life knocked and brought Everything I ever asked for! Life always seemed right as rain A bed … Continue reading Regrets….

Live and wRadiate

Life is nothing but a bunch of needs which collectively invade our nebulae. We somehow can’t manage even to breathe without those needs. Needs are basically the necessities without which, we can’t live and attaining them is the reason to live for many of them, in the tug of war of life, not everybody is … Continue reading Live and wRadiate